Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Www.Jobs4Tn.Gov – Tennessee Online Job Search Service

Job seekers in the Tennessee area can take advantage of a brand new job search website that was launched on Monday, May 14.  The website was spearheaded by Governor Bill Haslam to be an avenue for job seekers to locate jobs and for employers to find great candidates.  The website Jobs4TN.gov is very similar to most online job boards as job seekers can do specific job searches within a particular area of the state, employer’s can post job ads, resumes can be posted, and lots of valuable job information and data is available for anyone to read.

Candidates should register for an account with the site so they can receive a username and password.  It is also advisable to upload your resume to make it more efficient when you post for several jobs.  A great benefit about this service is the job matching feature that will notify employers if your job skills match any openings they may have.  Individuals can also utilize the same job notification feature when employers post jobs that match their skills which will automatically send an email to that person’s email account.

Job seekers should become familiar with Jobs4TN.gov and see how it can help them find a job.  There are lots of great resources and information that will send you in the right direction in getting hired.  Please spend some time reviewing all of the helpful material on the site.

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