Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Www.MacysJobs.Com – Macy’s Hiring 78,000 Seasonal Workers For 2011 Holiday Season

The 2011 holiday season is fast approaching and Macy’s Inc has already announced they are hiring 78,000 seasonal workers in preparation.  They are adding the new workers to their retail stores, call centers, distribution centers, and online fulfillment centers around the country.  Candidates can expect the most of the jobs to be part-time, requiring evening hours, and weekends.

The company has already begun its hiring process for sales support positions but will amp up the rest of the workers throughout the month of October.  Individuals interested in working for Macy’s should visit their online job site at .  At the website they can search for jobs in their area and learn more about what the company offers.

Another feature of the company jobs site is the Find a Hiring Event near you section.  This section allows users to search for Macy’s hiring invitations and job fairs in certain cities.  This is the store’s opportunity to find huge numbers of holiday workers to amp up their staffing in area stores.  Candidates should browse through the list and see when there is hiring taking place at the Macy’s in your area.  Be sure to look over the benefits that are offered to employees as well.  To learn more about seasonal work and other career opportunities at Macy’s please visit the link below.

Visit:  Macy’s Online Jobs

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