Monday, June 20, 2011

Www.Joblink.Alabama.Gov – Alabama Career Center System Website

Looking for work right now for everyone out of a job or for people who are trying to get a better job is the most challenging it has been in years.  The only way to be successful in your quest for a new career is you need to utilize and become familiar with many different kinds of job services like the website or the Alabama Career Center.  There are many job search sites on the internet but for Alabama residents this is the main job site to frequently visit.   

At their website you can search for work in their online database of daily job postings from employers.  There is a lot of local job news that the website offers that you honestly need to be aware of.  The Alabama Career Center offers lots of resources for job seekers to take advantage of including trainings and workshops.  Many times there are no fees associated with any of their services.  They just want to get the word out about job openings.

Alabama Job Link site is a great website to visit on a daily basis to see what is going on in your area.  You are informed on who is hiring and any important job news that you need to be aware of.  While you are leaning on the services offered at please understand there are other free services on the internet that are available to you as well and you should consider using.  Here is a list of those services with a brief review of how they can help you.  When looking for a job you want to learn as much as you can about any job search service that can help you get a job faster.

Job Search Services for Veterans

• – connects employers with veterans using social media
• – excellent resource and job search site for veterans

Niche Job Search Services

• – connects job openings with job seekers via text
• – helps job seekers evaluate their job and career choices
• – website that helps job seekers get on the right career path
• - identifies professions or jobs that utilize the skills you already have
• – apply for jobs utilizing video technology (Video resume)

If you want to gain an edge over your competition in the job market consider some of the sources above and see how they can improve your results. 

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