Sunday, June 19, 2011

Www.CWDS.State.PA.US – Pennsylvania Career Link And State Unemployment Website

The website for the Pennsylvania Career Link services is a valued option for workers seeking employment in Pennsylvania.  Through the Commonwealth Workforce Development System that they utilize visitors to the employment site can use their services to find a job as well as learn about other resources available for their benefit.

Visitors can find career assistance in areas of work, improving job skills, seeking vocational rehabilitation services, resume creation, and more.  The CWDS also offers certified training programs and apprenticeship opportunities.  There is a list search tool for visitors to use that will display the various types of training courses and programs available to them.

Job seekers should make an appointment and stop by your local PA Career Link office and speak to someone in person.  They can better help you understand the job market, how to navigate around the website, and provide you with information that may not be found on the website.  Taking the time to become familiar with a representative at the local office is indeed a wise move. 

Visit:  PA Career Link

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