Monday, June 27, 2011

Www.CareerJet.Com – Search For Your Next Job

CareerJet is an online job search engine that allows job seekers to search for jobs throughout the country. The site is similar to most other online job boards with no real differences. Users can use the search query box on the homepage and type in job keywords including the city, state, or country and instantly receive a list of job openings.

The search results that are displayed are pulled from other job boards and will display on Career Jet. It is a simple site to use. The results that are displayed at this site are no different from other sites. The functionality of the website is basic. Users can set up job alerts that can be emailed directly to your inbox. Users can search for jobs by company or keyword.

It is definitely a great idea to store a resume on this site as all job boards. This allows you chances of being seen by recruiters or employers from all over. The more resumes you can plant at online job websites, the better your chances of getting a call from an employer.

Visit: Career Jet

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