Monday, June 20, 2011

Www.Arjoblink.Arkansas.Gov – Arkansas Job Search And Resources Website

The Arkansas JobLink website is a jobs resource site for job seekers and employers to utilize for their perspective needs.  The site is a full service website that provides candidates with the opportunity to locate their next job through their job search service as well as file for unemployment, build and store a resume, register with job service, learn about training programs, and so much more.

When utilizing the website’s job search functions users can sign up for 2 different types of accounts.  They can sign up for the BASIC account or the PLUS account.  The major differences in the accounts is the PLUS account has added options such as staff job matching, advanced job notification for veterans, and training programs that users can sign up for.

For job seekers who need help with creating a resume the website has links to outside sites that provide excellent information on getting your resume up to par.  It is a good idea to have your resume done professionally because once you upload your resume to the sites database it will reviewed often by employers looking for workers.  You want to be sure your resume shines so you can have a good chance of getting noticed.

Visit:  Arkansas Job Link

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